What is Phunemz Coins Fx Limited ?
Phunemz Coins Fx is a multi national business investment platform which offer solutions and earnings from various trading aspects. We have professional team of highly qualified financial analyst,professional Forex and Cryptocurrency traders who know exactly what it takes to utilize and earn the most from capital market. Our company provides a full investment services focused on the Forex, Loans and cryptocurrency trading market. We are determined to provide the best service to our clients and deliver a very lucrative source of income to all our investors.

Is Phunemz Coins Fx a registered and legal company ?
Yes, Phunemz Coins Fx is Legal and official registered investment company under the state of Washington DC, USA
UBI Number 604 973 471

Is Phunemz Coins Fx Investment company Safe?
Phunemz Coins Fx is considered as one of the safest investment platform in the world. Our top tier security is second to none and our technical team are always active every single second of the day to ensure maximum cybersecurity . We have SAFU reimbursement and a high insurance policy to ensure that investors funds are fully secured and also can be made available whenever needed .

How to create account?
Registration process is very easy and will take a few moments to complete. Simply click "Register" button on the top right of our website and fill in all the required fields.

What is the profitability of the program?
Profitability depends on the investment plan you have chosen. We offer four groups of investment plans with different specialization and investment terms.

What is the Minimum / Maximum amount allowed to deposit?
The minimum amount of investment is only $100. The maximum amount is Unlimited. Each investor can have an unlimited number of deposits.

Are there any withdrawal limits?
There is a condition that you can order for payment in Phunemz Coins Fx, an amount that is equivalent to not less than $4 and it's enabled for Bitcoin, ETH and USDT

Are there any commission fees or other additional payments related to the investment process or financial transactions?
Phunemz Coins Fx does not provide any commission fees, additional and / or hidden charges. You pay only the fees of electronic payment systems when making investments.

If I provided an inaccurate Bitcoin address or other payment details, how can I fix this?
You can make such adjustments to your billing information in your personal account by contacting our livechat support

How to Invest?
To start a new investment cycle, login to your account by clicking the “Login Dashboard” on top menu of the site. In your dashboard find the section called “make investment” then choose any investment plans of your choice
and click the button that says “invest”. You will be redirected to the deposit creation page, where you will set up your investment amount and wallet.

Can I make Reinvestment?

Yes, you can reinvest. However, Phunemz Coins Fx gives it’s investors a chance to Reinvest their profits at any given time

How does Phunemz Coins Fx earn income for investors?
We trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, Forex trading, gold market and participate in highly profitable investment transactions. Phunemz Coins Fx is a platform with automated elements of trading on cryptocurrency, FX, asset management based on advanced AI risk management, Blockchain technologies and protocol for fast orders delivery.

How does the Phunemz Coins Fx card work
Manage your crypto balance and fiat currencies in one place, and exchange between accounts in seconds. With Phunemz Coins Fx card you can make instant withdrawal from your account using any nearby Bitcoin ATM

What payment methods can I use to make a deposit?
Phunemz Coins Fx have three(3) available modes of payment, we accept Bitcoin, Tether USDT & Ethereum.

Do you have an referral program?
Yes, you will get 3% to 10% referral commission if your downlines make first deposit.

Can I have more than one account with Phunemz Coins Fx?
No, you can't have more than one account per user unless you were given a special admin permission to have more. If you are caught by having more than 1 account without our permission, you are risking all your accounts and funds being suspended.

Is it possible to change the email which was specified during registration?
Yes, it is. You need to contact the company’s support department. this purpose is not automatic because of security reasons

If I forgot my password, how can I recover it?
To restore the lost authorization data on our website, use the "forget password" link from the company's official website.